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[FanFic] Black Moonlight chp.7

Black Moonlight, chapter 7 – A mystery, a meeting and a confession
If you want me to recount them all, it'd take too much space.
Pairings: Tezuka/Gakuto, Atsushi/Mizuki, Yukimura/Shiraishi, Momo/Yuuta, Ryoma/Kin-chan
Rating: T
Warnings: Akutsu being Akutsu, Shiraishi not being Shiraishi
Notes: I'm sorry for taking so much time on the update. I was uh... preoccupied... Not really, I got distracted by RPs... Anyways, here’s chapter 7.



When Atsushi heard Shiraishi say “You're the most beautiful in the world” he didn't think much about it. It was not unusual for the so called Snow White Pair to excange compliments. The line “Oh, Kuranosuke, that's so nice of you to say” caught his attention, however. As far as he knew, Yukimura neither spoke that way, nor was he female. Not what Atsushi had seen, at least.
Atsushi silently stood and peeked around the bookshelf and frowned at what he saw. A complete stranger of a female was clinging to Shiraishi's arm, and the Bible didn't look swayed in the least.
“Didn't aniki say that Shiraishi was bad with girls?” he mumbled to himself.
To him, it looked as if Shiraishi didn't mind at all, and the look on his face was an expression that was reserved for Yukimura only.
So why was he looking at that girl like a love-struck fool?
Atsushi listened for a little while longer – sweet talk between the two, or rather, Shiraishi complementing the girl, who turned out to be named Sara. Then he returned to the table and collected his books and items. When he left, he passed the table and went completely ignored by Shiraishi, and when he cast a glance over his shoulder, he saw Sara smirk at him. There was something completely wrong with Shiraishi, otherwise, he wouldn't act like that.


Kintarou jumped up and down. “Koshimae!” he shouted and waved intently. It got silent in the previously noisy corridor, and their classmates stared between the bouncing redhead and the Slytherin-student that just had arrived. Kintarou bounded up to Ryoma and gave him a tight hug. Ryoma frowned and sighed. “Kin-chan, let go.” Kintarou let out a happy shout and clutched him tighter.
“Ah! I remember!” a voice suddenly said, and they both looked at the person who had spoken. The blonde that stood by them looked very familiar.
“I'm Liliaden Krauzer.” the blonde said, smiling. “Do you remember?”
“Liii---Lili-- Ari? Uhm... Lili-chan!” Kintarou managed. “Your name's too long.” he complained. Ryoma managed to finally get Kintarou's arms off of him. “Krauzer-san, I didn't know you were a student here.” he said, and then groaned as Kintarou once again hugged him. “Kin-chan!” he protested. Kintarou pouted and kissed Ryoma on the cheek. Ryoma frowned and blushed in embarrassment. Then Kintarou turned to Krauzer, who stood waiting patiently for the two to finish their bickering (on Ryoma's part) and affection (on Kintarou's part).
“I've been studying here since before I went to Nagoya Seitoku.” he said. Ryoma nodded and Kintarou let go of Ryoma, only to bounce over to Krauzer and jump up on his back. “You're tall! Are you really our age? You're so tall!”
“You said that twice.” Ryoma pointed out, and Krauzer laughed. “Yes, I'm your age.” He smiled. “And I'm in Gryffindor, as well as your room-mate. You haven't seen me?”
Kintarou shook his head. “I guess I wasn't looking?” he said, tugging lightly at Krauzer's hair.
“How do you miss someone when there's six people at the most in the room, anyway?” Ryoma asked, earning himself an armful of Super Rookie. Kintarou clinged to him and looked up at him with a pout. “Koshimae, you know you're mean!”
Ryoma sighed. “I'm not. I'm just stating the truth, nothing else.”


Mizuki walked into the bedroom with a towel wrapped across his shoulders as he hummed a song from his home-village. He fell silent when he saw a leg peeking out from the other side of a bed, and he hurried over.
Yukimura Seiichi, captain of the Rikkaidai-team, lay on the floor. Silent sobs rippled through his body, and his arms were wrapped around his body.
Mizuki reached out a hand and touched the other boys shoulder, causing him to jump in fright.
“Yukimura-kun,” he said in a soft voice. “are you alright?”
Yukimura looked up, and Mizuki didn't really think that those tears suited Yukimura at all. “Those tears don't exactly make your face look prettier.” he said, honestly not showing any sense of tact, and helped Yukimura to the captain's bed. “What happened?” He carefully untangled Yukimura's arms.
Yukimura shook his head and sat down with a thud. Mizuki frowned and then looked up as he heard the door open. “Atsushi-kun?”
“Hi.” Atsushi walked over to them and crouched down in front of Yukimura. “Did something happen with Shiraishi?” he asked. Yukimura shivered and then nodded slowly.
“I thought so.” Atsushi sighed. “I saw him in the library. He was acting weird.”
“Weird? How?” Mizuki asked. He rubbed Yukimura's back to soothe him.
“Well, for one, it seemed like he didn't see me. And I remember that aniki said that Shiraishi isn't good with girls, but he let one cling on him anyway.” Atsushi stood and sat down on Yukimura's other side. “I thought it was weird, so I thought I should ask.” Because there was something that wasn't right.
Yukimura wrapped his arms around himself and a low whine rose from his throat. It grew louder and he rocked back and forth. Mizuki embraced him, and Yukimura leaned his head against his chest. Mizuki's and Atsushi's gazes locked and Atsushi rose. “I'll go look into it. Take care of Yukimura.” he said, and Mizuki nodded. Atsushi hurried out through the door and out of the Slytherin dungeon.
“It will be fine.” Mizuki assured. “Atsushi might not seem like it, but he's very good at digging up secrets and information.”
It wasn't that he cared much about the other, but he knew he would be the same if Atsushi turned cold on him. So he somehow wanted to help Yukimura.


Akutsu sat down by a tree by the river and pulled out a pack of cigarettes from a pocket in his pants. The moment he lit it with his lighter – he didn't really like the fire-creating spells – that annoying blonde plopped down beside him.
Jirou leaned his head against Akutsu's shoulder and rubbed his face against his shirt. “'the fuck?” Akutsu growled. This was not something the brat usually did, that much was certain. Usually, he just slept.
“Safe..” Jirou mumbled, as if the reply would assure Akutsu that it was perfectly fine for him to rub his face against him. Akutsu cursed. He was just about to shove him away when he noticed the blood on the back to Jirou's left hand. “The fuck happened to you?” Not that he was worried. Or curious.
“Detention at Professor Umbridge...” Jirou replied and looked down at his hand. Akutsu snorted. He wouldn't be surprised if the kid had fallen asleep during class, nor would he be if that fucking law-breaking teacher punished him for it. Because it couldn't be allowed to hurt students like this.
Not that he gave a damn, it was just annoying. Besides, he had ditched his own detention that day, so it didn't matter to him.
“Neeee~” Jirou clung to Akutsu's shirt and the taller boy glared at him. “What?” he spat out.
“Kiss it better?”
Akutsu's eyes widened for a moment, then he glared at the other boy. “Hah?”
Jirou snuggled closer and looked at him with big, pleading eyes. “Please?” Akutsu sighed and groweled. “No.” Jirou's eyes teared up slightly, and Akutsu pulled his shirt from his grip. “'the fuck, brat. Leave me alo---”
His sentence was cut off when Jirou quickly and without warning pressed his lips against his. A short moment, Akutsu was frozen with shock, then he pushed him away with a hard shove. He got to his feet and Jirou looked up at him where he sat tipped over on the ground.
“What the hell're you doing?” Akutsu groweled, and Jirou fidgeted. “I.. sort of...” he bit the inside of his cheek and his gaze flickered for a moment, before locking with Akutsu's again. “I like you. A lot.”
Akutsu couldn't help but stare. Well, this was a first. Partly, at least. People usually didn't confess their feelings to him, and this far, it had only been girls searching adventure and to be able to say they had a bad boy as a boyfriend. For obvious reasons, he had turned them all down. But this was the first time that another boy had confessed to him, and he didn't know how to react. “Wha—huh?”
Jirou stumbled to his feet and walked over to him. He took hold of Akutsu's shirt and tried to reach up, but found he was too short and pouted. Akutsu gripped one of his wrists and free himself from Jirou's grip. “I seriously don't fucking get you.”
“Why?” Jirou asked, looking Akutsu in the eyes. “I mean, it's not that difficult to underst---”
“That's not what I'm talking about.” Akutsu cut him off. Then he glanced to the side as someone came up to them. “What the hell do you want?”
Atobe crossed his arms. “I came to pick up Jirou, since he has homework to do.” Jirou pouted. “But I haven't finished talking to Jin-cha---”
Jirou's pout grew and he looked between Akutsu and Atobe. “But I... Don't want to..” He pressed his index-fingers against each other. His gaze locked with Akutsu's once again, and Akutsu snorted and returned to the tree. When he looked back at Jirou and Atobe, he saw that the latter was dragging his team-mate with him towards the castle.
Relitting the cigarette, he glared at Sengoku, who grinned at him. “Since when've you been here?” he groweled, and Sengoku shrugged. “A bit. What're you gonna do?”
“Do? With what?” Akutsu asked, taking a long drag of toxic air into his lungs. Sengoku crossed his arms. “About Akutagawa-kun.” he stated.
Akutsu eyed him for a moment, then shrugged.
“I'm surprised you didn't beat him up, though.” Sengoku chirped and poked Akutsu's shoulder. “You didn't even punch him. And you didn't get mad at him for calling you 'Jin-chan'. Does that mean I can call you that too? Ne, Jin-cha---”
Akutsu glared at Sengoku. “Do you have a fucking death-wish, Sengoku?”
“Then Akutagawa-kun is special.”
“Hah?” Akutsu raised an eyebrow and his glare intensified.
“You didn't get mad at him.” Sengoku stated happily.
“Hah?” Akutsu repeated. Sengoku blinked. “Wait, you didn't notice?”
“Do you wanna die?”
“See, that's what I'm talking about. You haven't threatened him even once, even though he cling to you so much. Ah, it’s gotta be love~”
“Piss off, Sengoku.”
“Don't wanna.” Sengoku said cheerfully, then he sighed. “You have to give him an answer, though.” he sat down on the ground. “You gonna turn him down? Or are you not going to turn him down?”
“Damn, you're annoying.” Akutsu glared at him. Then he threw his cigarette into the lake. “Just don't let your fucking boyfriend be too possessive of mine.”
“Eh? Eh? My boyf---eeeh? So you're--- Akutsu! You're gonna say yes?!” Sengoku shouted after him as he left to look for someplace where Sengoku wasn't. He snorted and Sengoku stared at him with wide eyes, then grinned. “That's awesome!”


Kenya eyed the group of boys who sat by one of the ends of the Hufflepuff-table. He tilted his head to the side and looked at them in confusion. “What're you guys doing?” he asked.
Zaizen looked up at him with a blank look on his face. “What's it look like, senpai?” he asked. “Studying. Homework.” Then he looked back at Akaya, who poked his arm with a pen. “Zai-chan, help?”
“Eh? Homework?” Kenya frowned. His gaze wandered between the five boys who sat there. Choutaro was diligently working on some sort of report, Zaizen was showing Akaya some thing or the other in a book, and Hiyoshi and Amane seemed to be discussing something that Kenya couldn't hear. “Why're ya doing something so boring, anyway?”
Hiyoshi looked up at him and glared. “Because while you might not care about grades, we do.” he said. Kenya groaned. “No waaay! He's treating me just like Zaizen does!” he whined.
“He's just treating you like he treats me, Kenya.”
“Yuushi, what's with the 'ha ha ha'? You're annoying, you know.” Kenya commented and turned to his cousin. “And you tell me to go away.”
“I don't cling, compared to others I know.” Yuushi retorted. He then sat down at the table. Kenya raised an eyebrow when he saw Amane squirm, and Hiyoshi slapped his arm to get the redheads attention back to their report or what it was they were doing. “Yuushi, ain't Sengoku your lab-partner? Shouldn't you be working on that history-paper?” Kenya dropped down beside the bluenette. Yuushi dug around in his bag and pulled out a book and a notebook. “He ran away somewhere.” he replied. “Niou is supposed to show up so we can work on an assignment for the Ghoul Studies-class.”
Kenya shuddered. “I don't get how you could pick that thing to study.”
“Well sorry.” Hiyoshi said blankly. “Both me and Ibu study it, too.”
“I still think it's creepy.” Kenya stated and stood up. “Yuuji! Where'd you go?” he shouted across the hall, then headed off to look for his teammate.
“....idiot...” Yuushi muttered after him as Niou sat down beside him.


“Why do I have to work with you?” Momo grumbled. Kaidoh hissed. “I don't want to work with you either!”
“Hah? What didya say?” Momo glared at Kaidoh, who glared back. “You heard me!”
“Mr. Momoshiro, Mr. Kaidoh. Would you be so kind and quiet down.” Professor Snape snapped.
The two arguing boys looked up to snap at Snape to shut up, but once they saw it was a teacher, fell silent. “Yes sir.” they both said, and was silent.
When they started to work on their potion, however, they were at it once again.
Snape sighed and once more snapped at the arguing boys. “Mr. Momoshiro! Mr. Kaidoh!”
Kaidoh and Momo looked startled and looked at their teacher in surprise. “Hai?”
“Mr. Kaidoh, switch places with Mr. Fuji.”
One of Yuuta's eyebrows twitched and he gathered his items and sat down in Kaidoh's old seat, while Kaidoh sat down beside Muromachi.
“Yo.” the sunglasses-wearing boy greeted Kaidoh, who nodded in response, and let out a low hiss in greeting. Muromachi blinked a moment and then shrugged to himself.
Momo chuckled as he saw that Yuuta was pouting, and patted him on the shoulder. Yuuta turned to look at Momo, who smiled at him. A sigh escaped Yuuta's lips, then he smiled back, causing Momo to blush, which in turn made Yuuta blush as well.

Needless to say, Momo and Yuuta got much blushing done, but very little potion were made by them. Kaidoh and Muromachi, however, got a lot more done during their double-hour of potions.


Niou followed the little fuzzy tennisball with his gaze, and yes, he knew the outcome of this match already.
“Tezuka has never been a doubles-player, has he?” he asked Eiji, who sat on the other side of Bunta.
“Nope. I don't think he's ever played doubles before.” the redhead laughed and popped Bunta's bubble. Then he turned a moment to look at the court. “Fuji's played doubles a lot, but Tezuka's quite useless when he's not playing singles, even though he's a good player.”
“It's not about the individual player when it's doubles, after all.” Bunta nodded. “Teamwork and knowing the partners next move's important, too.” He blew a new bubble, which Eiji popped as well. Bunta sighed and dug around in his bag a few moments, then dropped a wrapped piece of gum in Eiji's lap. “Play with this instead.” he said, and Eiji let out a squeal and gave Bunta a quick hug. “Thanks!” he grinned at his fellow redhead, who just blew another big bubble.
Just out of spite, Niou popped it.”Niou!” Bunta shouted. Niou stuck out his tongue at him. “Puri.”

Down at the makeshift court they had made, Fuji returned one of Gakuto's smashes with the Higuma Otoshi, which was easily returned by Yuushi, who loobed it high above their opponents heads. Tezuka was too far away to reach it, and Fuji was too short. Gakuto grinned at Yuushi, who smiled back. Chitose called out “Game set, won by Oshitari-Mukahi pair, 6 games to 4.” His eyes and mind were not completely focused on the game and the players, though. Fuji followed his gaze and raised and eyebrow in amusement when he saw it was Eiji he was looking at. He knew that while Chitose hadn't had his eyes on the game, he had been able to keep track of the points none the less.
Meanwhile, Gakuto bounced over the net and latched on to Tezuka, who put a hand at his neck and gave him a kiss. Gakuto smirked. “Since we won?” he teased. “Don't forget our bet, Kuni.”
“I won't. You know that.” Tezuka said. If he had won, Gakuto would study without complaining, if Gakuto won, Tezuka wouldn't complain when Gakuto kissed him in public.
And a deal was a deal, he would let Gakuto cling and kiss him however much he wanted. He still hoped it wouldn't be that often Gakuto would, and that the acrobat would study more anyway. He doubted that, though. Gakuto hated studying with a passion, since he found a lot more things a lot more fun. Not that Tezuka didn't, he rather played tennis, went fishing or mountain climbing.
“So, Kuni.” Gakuto said, wrapping his arms around Tezuka's neck. “Lunch?” He ignored Yuushi's snickering as the tensai looked at them and said something. The two exchanged a quick kiss, and Tezuka nodded. “Very well. Are you planning on letting go soon?”
“Nope.” Gakuto said, making a quick flip and attaching himself to Tezuka's back instead. He nuzzled into his boyfriends neck and nibbled at it lightly. Tezuka sighed and gave up.


Renji picked down another book from the shelf and placed it on top of the stack he already had placed on the table. This should be enough. he thought and sat down on a chair, pulled out one of the books from the stack and opened it.
He started to read, picking up any information that could be necessary in the future.

Halfway through the second volume, his name was called, and he looked up. “Kisarazu.”
Atsushi leaned across the table and looked at him. “You seen Shiraishi?” he asked. “I need to talk to him.”
Renji shook his head. “No, I haven't. Is something wrong?” The concern in Atsushi's expression didn't go past him.
“Shiraishi's what's wrong.” Atsushi sighed. “He's turned into a bastard towards Yukimura.”
“So something made him turn like that?” a voice said as a third person joined the conversation. Koharu frowned and looked at the two. “I spoke with Kura-rin just a moment ago, and when I asked where Yukimura-kyun was, he said he couldn't care less. His personality has changed completely.”
“I heard from aniki that Shiraishi ain't good with girls, so any clue why he let one cling to him?” Atsushi asked Koharu. Who shook his head.
Renji, who had been sitting silent and listened, finally spoke, worry clear in his voice. “How is Seiichi?”
Atsushi shook his head. “Not good. Mizuki's taking care of him right now, but I doubt he's stopped crying. He looked... crushed..”
Renji stood and started to gather his books.
“Yanagi.” Atsushi said. “You should let him be alone for a while.”
“No buts.” Help me figure this out, will you?”
“I'll help too!” Koharu exclaimed. “I don't like that Kura-rin.”


Rumor spread among the boys that something was going on with Shiraishi, and of course, it was impossible to stop Sanada from going to see how Yukimura was doing – he hadn't shown up for dinner, not the next days classes – and his teammates were worried.

Yukimura didn't want to look at him, nor anyone else. He lay deeply buried under his bedsheets and covers, face hidden in the pillow and the sheets pulled up above it.
Sanada pulled off the sheets without a second thought, causing Renji to shout “Genichirou!” and take the sheets from him. The small amount of people who were there – Mizuki, Fuji, Akaya, Bunta, Shinji and Taki – looked between the two demons who were standing opposite of each other. Renji's eyes were open in a glare, and Sanada crossed his arms. The taller of the two then turned and wrapped the sheets around Yukimura again, before turning back to glare at Sanada, while his arms wrapped around Yukimura protectively.
“Genichirou, just leave him alone while we're solving this, will you? Just stay out of the way.”
Not a sound came over Renji's lips as Sanada slapped him, and Yukimura curled up beside Renji as if he expected to be hit as well. Sanada's hand hoovered in the air, and just as his arm moved to really do slap Yukimura, hands gripped around it and then arms locked it from moving. Sanada turned and slapped whoever it was that stopped him, then earned hard slaps on both his cheeks. Shinji stared up at him from beneath unruly hair. Already, a bruise was starting to bloom on the cheek he had been hit on. He let his hands fall to his sides. “I don't think you're aware of what you're doing right now, Sanada-san.” the younger stated blankly. “You need to calm down so you can think properly. If you even can do that. I believe you can, but I might be wrong.”
He didn't show any reaction as Sanada stepped forward and his right arm tensed, as if he would slap the other again. Then he let out a growl and strode. Then he let out a growl and strode right past Shinji, who turned his head to look after him.
“Ibu-kun.” Renji called, causing Shinji to look over at him. “Thank you. For helping both Seiichi and Genichirou.”
Shinji shrugged and left the room, only to run into Sanada, who had stopped outside the room and was leaning his forehead against the wall.

“Are you alright?” he asked, and Sanada cracked an eye open to look at him. “I'm fine.” he said, and Shinji frowned. “You don't look alright, though. You look worried, otherwise you wouldn't be standing here like that, right? I think it'll be alright in the end, though.” Shinji patted him on the shoulder and Sanada sighed.
“This is why I didn't go here earlier...” Sanada muttered and started to head towards the door and out of the dungeons. Shinji followed, calling out a “What?” after him.
“Magic can ruin so much so easily.” was the reply he received, and Shinji gave a follow-up question. “You think someone cast a spell over him or something like that?”
“It would make sense.” Sanada stated.
“And you're not smart enough to figure it out by yourself, but don't want to ask for help because of your pride.” Shinji commented. Sanada turned sharply and raised his hand. Then he let it fall with a sigh. “So I'm right, then.” Shinji continued. “Don't worry, I'll help you. I don't like seeing everyone depressed like this.” He pressed a palm against Sanada's back and pushed him further down the dungeons.


Hiyoshi frowned at the bulge in Amane's bed and he sighed. “What are you doing?” he asked, his hands finding rest against his hips. “If you want dinner, you need to get up out of there now.”
Something moved underneath the blankets and Hiyoshi's frown deepened at the indication of a negative head-movement. “What's wrong?” He raked a hand through his hair and sat down on his bed.
It was silent, and Hiyoshi huffed. “If you don't say anything, I'll just believe you're being difficult.” he snapped in irritation. He saw how it was obvious that Amane flinched at the sharp tone in Hiyoshi's voice, and after a while, he strode over and pulled down the blankets so that Amane's face was visible. Hiyoshi blinked in confusion. “Why are you crying?” he asked.
Amane shook his head and tugged at the blankets to get them to cover his head again. Another sigh escaped Hiyoshi. “I don't know what's wrong, but you shouldn't starve yourself just because of that.” He turned his back to leave, and Amane shot out a hand and grabbed his wrist. Hiyoshi looked back at him over his shoulder, and his gaze locked with Amane's grip. “I won't know if you don't tell me.”
Amane opened his mouth to say something, then closed it and pulled the blanket over himself again.
Hiyoshi sighed and left for the Great Hall. He could feel Amane stare at him, but neither said another word.


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Mar. 18th, 2011 02:04 pm (UTC)
Starting at the top...

Something is definitely up with Shiraishi. Is it a spell or a series of Polymorphs...and if so, where is the real one?

Yay, Lilladent!

Aw, Mizuki is being...nice! It looks good on him ;-) And Atsushi is on the case! Yay!

Jiroh is adorable, how can Akutsu resist? Oh, it looks like he can't :-) And Sengoku with his Atobe-love :-)

I love the interactions between the Oshitari cousins :-)

Oh...Yuuta and Momo...got a lot of blushing done, huh? Yay! :-)

Chitose and Kikimaru? Oo, that's going to be fun! Eiji will like having a little sister! ;-) And I bet Tezuka is glad that Gakuto is so light! LOL :-)

Ah, Atsushi has recruited help from two of the three smartest boys there. Good job!

Sanada...out of control :-( And Shinji snaps him out of it and offers to help him :-) Those two are so very good together...I look forward to seeing more of their interaction!

And now something has happened to Amane. I'm betting someone put a silent spell on him. Probably in retaliation for all the puns. Personally, I like the puns! Narrow minded wizardlings :-( I hope Hiyoshi finds out who did it and Gekokujo's their butts! (However that's spelled.)

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