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UppCon11 & B.L.Y.G.11

Or rather, I'll talk about B.L.Y.G. (Boys Love Yaoi Gakkai) first. It's not very much to say.
I worked; was the one in charge at the cleaning part. That was completely random that it got me, sure, but anyways.
I got something to add onto my CV. =) I had fun, and I already want to go back~
Two years until the next B.L.Y.G. huh....

Photos, anyone?
I have a few from the photoshoot I took the most pictures from, I'll get up more later, tho~ We had our own little half Rikkai~<33Yukimura Seiichi: teraterana
Yanagi Renji: hotarukunn
Marui Bunta: tezzino 
Kirihara Akaya: insertevilname

Yukimura wanted to speedlearn and press a lot of English into Akaya's head.
Akaya got scared and Renji told Yukimura to 'please don't do that, Seiichi.' Both scare Akaya and force-feed him English.


Renji reading a book in English. When Akaya tried to read it, he twisted and turned it without getting a word.


*huggles* =D If one has a Akaya, of course a picture of him licking his lips is needed.

Bunta's shoulder was, according to Seiichi, a very practical shoulder-rest.

Pink, because it's Bunta.


Yukimura and his dear flowers.

This photo was taken by Aibou. =)

Again, a photo snatched from Aibou's journal.
Because I'm too lazy to take out my photos from my album.
We got photographed by a professional photographer~~ =D
Or something like that. 't was awesome~

More pictures will be upped.

And Aibou.
I'm still trying to get all the photos to fit in on one CD.
And you know how many pictures we got. Quite many.


Jun. 27th, 2011 06:07 pm (UTC)
jfd;ajsgldkahglkahfk AWESOME COSPLAY!! you make a wonderful Renji :]
i am so jealous of those professional photographer pics! so fancyyyy~ XD ALSO I LOVE THAT THE FIRST PIC ON THIS POST WAS YANAKIRI :D :D :D :D <333

also just wondering, how did you guys make your black wristbands? planning on cosplaying Rikkai in the near future so i've been trying to figure out what's best haha......though from the pics here i think Akaya's wristbands are different? that or i'm delusional XD;;
Jul. 5th, 2011 03:39 pm (UTC)
Hello~ the one cosplaying Bunta here, since I saw you didn't get any answer to your qustion ^^

Anyway, yes, Akaya's wristbands are different. I made the costumes for Yukimura, Bunta and Renji, but not for Akaya, as she lives so far away from the rest of us (not to mention that me and Renji lives off in the middle of nowhere..). But the three pairs that are made out of the same materials.. It's some sort of faux leather-ish thing. It's actually rest-material from my TYL!Belphegor-pants that I made two years ago. Try to look for anything that looks sort of leather-y that is sort of stretchy. If the fabric doesn't stretch, you have to use velcro, or you won't get it to fit tight enough, but still managing to get them off. I used non-stretchy once... And couldn't get them off my wrists until after that con, by cutting them off. >___>

I hope that gave anything at all, on the help-department, I mean.
Jul. 5th, 2011 10:30 pm (UTC)
Oooh I see. Thanks for the help, this info will definitely be useful! :]