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For once, tLJ is working out here in the village. Huh. 

Anyway, before it stops working, I wanted to mention that I'm basically moving over to DW. Becauseo f the internet, yes. I'm duncefieldsamurai over there, so go say hi or something. I't not locked or anything. (Some stuff might be in the future, but not as it is atm.)

I'll still pop into the internet-café (if it's not too expensive) in Hallsberg, but I will focus on RPs there. Not this account. Sorry 'bout that.

UppCon11 & B.L.Y.G.11

Or rather, I'll talk about B.L.Y.G. (Boys Love Yaoi Gakkai) first. It's not very much to say.
I worked; was the one in charge at the cleaning part. That was completely random that it got me, sure, but anyways.
I got something to add onto my CV. =) I had fun, and I already want to go back~
Two years until the next B.L.Y.G. huh....

Photos, anyone?
I have a few from the photoshoot I took the most pictures from, I'll get up more later, tho~ We had our own little half Rikkai~<33Read more...Collapse )


New video.
Kamen Rdier OOO, Ankh, for Ren.

[FanFic] Everything Gone in Dust

Everything gone in dust
Prince of Tennis

And the fic itself has been moved to this place HERE

Gokaiger: A misunderstanding

Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger
Marvelous/Joe (and a little LukaAhim at the side)

The fic has been moved to this place HERE

[FanFic] Black Moonlight chp.7

Black Moonlight, chapter 7 – A mystery, a meeting and a confession
If you want me to recount them all, it'd take too much space.
Pairings: Tezuka/Gakuto, Atsushi/Mizuki, Yukimura/Shiraishi, Momo/Yuuta, Ryoma/Kin-chan
Rating: T
Warnings: Akutsu being Akutsu, Shiraishi not being Shiraishi
Notes: I'm sorry for taking so much time on the update. I was uh... preoccupied... Not really, I got distracted by RPs... Anyways, here’s chapter 7.



Chapter 7Collapse )


Soo I... wait, what was I gonna write again...? *scowls* Jibun ha Tarundoru! 
Let's do that art-dump..
They come in no particular order with fandoms and stuff.

Prince of Tennis, Ayakashi Kitan, Prince of TEnnis, Kamen Rider, Fuma no Kojiro, Prince of Tennis and more Prince of TennisCollapse )

[FanFic] What now? / FanFic-register

Prince of Tennis
Niou Masaharu/Yanagi Renji/Mizuki Hajime

Finding Home-verse again. *grin* It's when Renji hasn't lived with Niou and Mizuki for that long.
Niou and Mizuki are fighting and Yanagi is trying to find out why.

Also, if anyone happen to be interested, I have a register of all the fandoms/pairings I've written over HERE
Ayakashi Kitan
Azumi Yu/Kagami-kun no Kagami-kun (Kagami Meguru)

( Damn you Azumi Yu! )