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8 March 1992
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I'm guy from the Swedish countryside.
I live in a separate house from my parents and little brother, together with my younger twin sister Tezzino. We still live at our farm though.

I love manga, anime and j-dorama and other asian dramas and movies. My biggest fandom are Prince of Tennis, followed by Kamen Rider.
I'm not very interested in American movies and tv-series, and don't really look at TV.

I'm born with single ventricle and transposition, which means that my heart's fucked up and don't function like it should. It's fine though~

I'm probably born rude, and I tend to use a lot of swear words, especially when I'm upset.

I'm actually really shy, but not as much on the internet.

That's about it. If you wonder anything, just ask.

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